Alison Shore Gaines

Speaker Bio:

For 30 years, Alison Shore Gaines has been helping people transform their lives. Her popular “Revitalizing Cleanse and Mindful Eating” retreats focus on eating vibrant foods, practicing mind-body tools that ease stress and evoke insight, and creating powerful intentions that evoke change.

Alison has been on the faculty of the largest holistic health center on the east coast, Kripalu Center in Lenox, Massachusetts, since 1988 and was formerly at Omega Institute in Rheinbeck, New York for ten years. She holds certifications in Advanced Kripalu Yoga, Holistic Health Education, Life Coaching and Therapeutic Massage.

Alison has studied with pioneers in holistic nutrition and cleansing, including Gabriel Cousens, Deepak Chopra, Annemarie Colbin and others. She has developed a sane, loving and deeply nourishing approach to detox, diet and life. Her retreat participants often report making lasting changes in their lives and in their relationship with food.

Speaker Session:

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