Bhaskar Deva

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Bhaskar’s path to becoming a Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra consultant and teacher started about 30 years ago. The culmination of this service led to a transformative week-long certification training seminar incorporating Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra principles, as well as an accreditation status for Continuing Education offered by the California Department of Real Estate.

Bhaskar strongly believes in sharing ancient teachings, which help to enhance sacred spaces around us as well as within us. His goal is to create balance and joy in the lives of others. The result of this leads to optimal health and well being, abundant prosperity, improved relationships, and greater efficiency in life. The endless search of this ancient knowledge has recently led Bhaskar to India and China to learn under masters of these great arts.

Bhaskar’s service has led him to practice throughout the United States and abroad in Australia, Europe and Asia. He has augmented his spiritual knowledge with very practical aspects, having interfaced with architects, builders and designers while receiving his own General Contractor and Electrician’s license.

As early as 1974, at the age of 18, Bhaskar began studying with Reverend Sri Swami Satchidananda, a world-renowned Indian Yoga Master. After moving to the ashram (spiritual community), Bhaskar received monastic vows and the title of ‘Swami’. For the next 17 years, he was immersed in spiritual practices while working and teaching at the ashram. During this time, the wisdom of Vastu Shastra, the Indian precursor to Feng Shui, was imparted.

The spiritual practices, traditions and rituals were fostered when Bhaskar was appointed Development Coordinator for the 1,000-acre community. Proficiency in Vastu Shastra was honed through his participation in a committee to determine the sites and designs of buildings to create a self-reliant community. He also had the privilege to assist in the actual construction of homes, schools, dormitories, libraries, meeting and dining halls, healing center, airport, fire station, monastery and Temples.

Bhaskar feels very blessed to have had so many significant opportunities, which have enabled him to remain a powerful catalyst in improving people’s lives.

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