Colette Ryder

Speaker Bio:

As a natural musician and intuitive, Colette brings her passion for music and play to her work with women, children and families. In her private Life Coaching and Sound Work practice, Colette draws from a deep well of compassion and holds loving, transformative space for her clients. She have never had a client she did not love entirely. Her touch is simple and genuine, and her drum circles are a vehicle for connection and communication. Colette believes that we make the world a better place when all voices are valued and heard.

Colette is a fully Certified Professional Co-active Life Coach (CPCC) and a Certified Sound Work Practitioner. Together with her clients, she plays with vibrations that assist them to activate their cells and embody all of them in their life stream.

Colette’s desire for freedom and love of learning has fuelled her travels across Canada and the US. For the past 14 years she has participated in a multitude of camps, classes, workshops certifications and retreats. These have included yoga, drumming, vocals, dancing, sound work, acting, intuition , mediumship, psychotherapy and more. These experiences have deepened Colette’s connection with nature and opened her up to her true essence.

As a mother of teenagers, she has grown immensely from the experience of raising two kids. They have been two of her greatest teachers and called her forth to be more powerful in her human experience. Everything she has ever experienced in her life to this point has prepared her for this chapter as a healer, guide and assistant to humanity.

Speaker Session:

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