Sharan Ro

Speaker Bio:

For over 25 years, Sharan’s love has been creating pioneering cultures and paradigms using heartfelt new models to make lasting changes in Businesses, Associations, Organizations, Education, Government, Communities and individuals.

Sharan has supported growth and caring stewardship in diverse businesses and industries that make a difference for people, with a balance of creative and innovative tools that include multi/cross-cultural, indigenous elder wisdom, nature-based wisdom, and community principles.
Her work has included Industrial/Organizational Development; Visioning and Strategic Development; Corporate/Personal Training and Development; Strategic Planning and Leadership; Association Management; Corporate Wellness Programs; Human Resources Management; Heart, Spirit, Consciousness and Kindness in Organizations; Life and Career Planning; Event Planning; Personal, Community and Social Transformation and Development; and Humanitarian work.

Sharan has worked extensively to maximize personal, organizational, and community awareness and potential to make a difference for humanity. She has worked with clients throughout Hawai’i, the United States, Asia, and Canada. She has lived and worked in Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. Sharan was born and raised in Hawai’i where her family roots span four generations.

Sharan was the youngest Association Executive in the history of the U.S. retail industry, overseeing the then $11 billion dollar retail industry in Hawaii. She was Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii. She has worked with over 250 companies and individuals nationally and internationally, and was featured on TV in China, which was viewed by millions of people.
Sharan is involved with social cause organizations, including Dr. Jean Houston’s Social Artistry Program, an international program that works with the U.N. to help the 100 least developed countries in the world. In addition, Sharan has been instrumental in helping an international humanitarian organization raise money for global giving.

Sharan has a Bachelor’s Degree with Distinction in Business and a Master’s Degree with Honors in Industrial/Organizational Development and Psychology. She was a U.S. Congressional Intern in Washington, D.C. and a Legislative Assistant in the Hawaii State Legislature. She is a speaker locally and abroad, and a co-author.

Sharan treasures spirituality on a personal and community level, and is a passionate advocate of personal and world transformation bringing forward new ways that make a difference in heart and humanity.

Speaker Session:

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