Soleil Hepner

Speaker Bio:

Soleil Hepner, the Self-Care Expert, is an International Mind-Body Educator and Speaker who guides her varied clients – stressed executives, overloaded conference attendees, and burned-out entrepreneurs – to WAKE UP to a life that moves beyond the same-old, same-old.

Soleil’s 18 years as a High-tech manager were spent steeped in chronic pain. It was the unrelenting physical pain in her body that, over time, made her notice the pain in her own life. Unhappy, frustrated, and depressed, Soleil left high tech in 2001 to find the path to health and happiness.

As Senior faculty with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy since 2005 and a Self-Care speaker since 2007, Soleil travels the country urging others to consult not only outward teachers, but the one who really knows – the inward teacher found in your BODY and MIND.

Soleil has been a sponsor, moderator, and speaker at the Virtual World Yoga Conference since the beginning and is the Founder of YogaBlaze, the “One Source for All Yoga” in Seattle and Portland.

Speaker Session:

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