How It Works

What is a virtual yoga conference?

From start to finish, attending the Virtual World Yoga Conference is easy.

Once you register, you officially have a "seat" in all classrooms at the conference. Your username and password – along with a phone or internet access — is all you need to join the class. There’s no need to hop on a plane, make hotel reservations, or eat unhealthy airport food.

Just like you do for an onsite conference, you get to review the topics and speakers to decide what sessions you want to attend. Unlike a traditional conference, however, you can be at two places at once! Each workshop is recorded so you will be able to listen to those you missed.

  • Give yourself the space you need to learn by blocking out "classroom" time in your calendar.
  • You’ve registered, picked your sessions, and blocked out time on your schedule. Then comes the day of the conference!
  • When class begins, you can join the conference anywhere you like – with a group at a yoga studio, at a friend’s house, or by yourself in your living room.
  • Wear comfortable clothes as many of the sessions involve movement. Pick a spot where you won’t be interrupted and can focus on what’s being taught. Multitasking will definitely decrease your learning! Give your full attention to the experience.
  • Have a blanket or sticky mat ready for movement. If getting up and down from the floor is difficult, use a couch or a bed for the relaxing, lying down exercises.
  • Consider having a journal ready to capture ideas, insights, or key learning points. You’ll have handouts for each session.
When Conference Starts, What To Do

When your session begins, pick up your phone and dial the number you’ve been given. This will connect you with the teacher, the moderator, the technical team, and your fellow students in that class. It’s best to call and get settled at least five minutes before the session begins.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions in live events during the call, or you can connect on the online forum.

If you prefer, you can also use your computer to enter the classroom.

There are also plenty of pre-recorded streaming videos and audio segments available over the web for movement and meditation breaks in between classes.

Design your day in any way you want. Mix and match classroom work with movement breaks, join up with your friends, or attend as a solo retreat.

This space is for you to create your own learning adventure!

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