Andrea Albright

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Andréa Albright was born into a culture where obesity was common, and throughout her teenage and college years, she lost and gained weight very quickly. This yo-yo dieting slowed down her metabolism and destroyed her self-esteem before she accidentally discovered the body-spirit connection to losing weight. Then the struggle of dieting, along with all the extra body fat, slipped away – and it has stayed off for over ten years.

Now, as a healthy size 2, she shows you the steps to losing weight. The healthy, 100% natural way is by ‘counting chemicals not calories’ and building a body-spirit connection inside you that inspires you to live a healthy life every day. Get your free subscription to her online e-Letter ‘Weight Loss Secrets That Last’ on her web site.

Speaker Session:

Yoga For Weight Loss

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“Fat Loss Yoga” – How To Use The Science And Spiritual Principles Of Yoga For Maximum Fat Loss In The Belly, Hips, Thighs, And Butt Yoga is cleansing for your body, mind, heart, and spirit… and it’s also one of … More

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