Beverly Driver

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Beverly Driver is a wellness advocate who earned a master’s degree in Chinese medicine in 1994. She has post-study certifications specializing in orthopedic and neurological disorders. As a licensed practitioner, she utilizes acupuncture, herbal, nutritional and bodywork therapies in her practice, focusing on acute injuries and chronic painful conditions. She completed a certification in Pilates instruction, with emphasis in rehabilitation, so that she could offer a full scope of therapy to her clients. Beverly treats injuries and imbalances of the muscles and skeleton by combining acupuncture and Pilates techniques designed to strengthen and stabilize the body. The goal is to alleviate pain and improve movement and function in daily activity levels. As the body and mind connect, via the nervous system, movement becomes easier with less pain and discomfort. Strength, endurance and flexibility increases. Beverly finds it highly gratifying to hear her clients say, “I can’t believe it’s gone! I don’t feel the pain…”

Speaker Session:

Pilates and Movement Therapy – Getting to the Core

Category: Health and Wellness,

Explore the movement fundamentals of daily activities (eating, sleeping, driving, workplace performance, household chores, exercise, competitive and non-competitive sports, etc.) and the impact of injuries and muscle imbalances that cause painful responses. Experience Pilates-based anatomical movements that correct and improve … More

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