Dee Williams

Speaker Bio:

Deborah Williams is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). Her Yoga journey began after 20 years of dedication to Buddhist study, prayer, and meditation. During much of that time, she worked in the computer technology industry. In 2001, Dee began her study of asana, as a student of the Bikram yoga method. From that point, her personal and professional experience with Hatha Yoga has evolved into her own unique vision that integrates asana, chanting, meditation, and self-reflection. Dee demonstrates leadership within the yoga community by advocating yoga for people of all body types and backgrounds. In addition, she develops programs that teach people of color more about health and wellness through yoga by sponsoring yoga workshops, free classes, a wellness reading program, and hosting events with special guest speakers (including naturopathic doctors) to open a dialog with people of African descent about the importance of making healthy eating choices.

Speaker Session:

Health + Wealth = Happiness

Category: Health and Wellness,

In this session, you will learn about the state of common illnesses that can affect people of all ages and discuss what proactive steps can be made to minimize them. Dee will take us through gentle breathing exercises accompanied by … More

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