Jane Foody

Speaker Bio:

Jane started dabbling with yoga classes at the age of 11 and committed to a steady practice when she was about 13.

With over 10 years of experience, Jane is recognized by Yoga Alliance as an experienced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT) and directs and certifies people to teach yoga through her registered yoga school.

Because there is no one way to practice yoga, Jane offers a multi-style yoga teaching program. This unique method allows the mind, body, emotions and breath to integrate, thereby enabling the practitioner to become a whole person and emerge as their true self.

Jane has studied yoga with Kamala Srinsivan, Edely Wallace, Mukunda Stiles and David Williams, just to name a few.

Jane holds her bachelors in Psychology and is a Certified Hypnotist, which enables her not only to work with people on a physical level but also to help them with their emotional struggles.

Jane has just completed physical therapy school and hopes to bridge yogic healing techniques with western healing techniques.

Speaker Session:

Sound and Yoga

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Although you cannot see it with your naked eye, everything around you is vibrating. You are vibrating! This is important because we experience an optical illusion while we see ourselves as distinct and separate from one another, when in fact … More

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