Nina Wallinder

Speaker Bio:

Nina is an Inspirational Intuitive whose focus is always on enhancing the whole person through the many layers of their unique expression.

Originally working as a bodywork professional, she transitioned into a full-time intuitive practice in 2007. This transition evolved naturally as her clients began asking deeper and deeper questions about their life concerns.

In 2008, after seeing clients one afternoon, Nina’s own intuition told her again to “move on”. The exploration of what this could mean evolved rapidly to a larger global family outlook with empowering health as the vision.

With the only other guidance being to “Hold the Higher Vision”, synchronistic meetings and events began to come together. By following that guidance, Nina “accidentally” became the creator and host for the teleseminar series “Layers of Health”.

As an Energy Sensitive person, Nina is committed to helping you empower your life by understanding the subtle “Layers of Reality”, exploring the “Layers of Meaning”, and learning about the “Layers of Health”.

This kind of work and exploration is for you if:

– You are a tired holistic health practitioner or energy worker.
– You are looking for a different or enhanced meaning in your life.
– You want to more fully understand your subtle perception.

Focusing on inner peace and contentment, Nina has over 5,000 hours of experience working with people one-on-one and in groups.

Speaker Session:

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