Robert Bosnak

Speaker Bio:

Robert Bosnak, PsyA, JD, is a jungian psychonalyst graduate of the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich (1977). Specializing in work on dreaming, memory and physical symptoms, he pioneered Embodied Imagination, a therapeutic and creative form of working with dreams and memories to improve health and wellness. His techniques are now applied worldwide by therapists, artists, actors, and others interested in the creative imagination.

Robert is past president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and was visiting professor of clinical psychology at Kyoto University in Japan. He is founding director of the Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary and the author of “A Little Course in Dreams”, “Christopher’s Dreams: Dreaming and Living with AIDS” and “Tracks in the Wilderness of Dreaming”, in which he describes his techniques in detail. His in-depth work has been effective both individually and in groups and easily adapts to the Web because of its simple rules and group emphasis.

Speaker Session:

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