Shauna Hoffman

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Shauna Hoffman, MA, MFT, is a psychotherapist and speaker currently in private practice in Santa Clarita, Ca as part of the team at Compassionate Solutions. She dedicates her Counseling and Family Therapy to helping men, women and children deal with past pain and become more aware of how they communicate with each other. Her work with clients on self awareness, brings them through a look at the choices they make, where these choices REALLY come from and how these choices effect every aspect of their life! Ms. Hoffman is nationally known through her website where she takes her “Me Club” members through a series of videos on a search for self awareness, starting from body awareness through emotional awareness.

Ms. Hoffman has worked as Corporate Business Coach for a varied clientele from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, to Wolfgang Pucks Catering. She was on the board of Directors for the Betty Ferguson Foundation, a women’s empowerment organization. Shauna also owned a production company, Miracle One Productions that produced videos on Marianne Williamson, the best selling author of “A Return To Love”. As a member of SAG and AFTRA Ms. Hoffman has specialized expertise in working with members of the Film and Television Industry and artists of all kinds.

On a personal level, Ms. Hoffman spends her free time working with Animal Rescues in Southern California. Her passion for saving animals in need is one of her biggest joys. She also has a wild passion for traveling the world. Whether its hiking to Machu Picchu, cruising the islands or sailing her Catalina on the shores of California she brings her experience home to her clients. Her videos always reflect her own personal Journey to Awareness.

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