Zensho Zen

Speaker Bio:

Zensho is a Transformational Specialist and the author of “Breakthrough To Being: Simple Solutions For Awakened Relationships” (Publication fall 2010).

As a speaker, coach, and international seminar leader, Zensho is known for his love, sense of humor, and his seemingly magical ability to assist people in experiencing profound transformation quickly, easily, and effortlessly.

His Presence Power Solution is a powerful system of teachings and techniques that have been proven to quickly and easily Accelerate Your Awakening.

It is possible to live the Love, Power, and Presence of your True Being. You can transcend and be liberated from the emotional pain, programming, and limitations of your separate self-identity.

In addition to his workshops, teleconferences, retreats and Practitioner Certification Programs, Zensho does phone coaching with private clients who want to experience profound transformation and to live at the highest level of their potential in all areas of their lives.

Because of Zensho’s busy schedule, only a few chosen individuals are able to benefit from the power of his private sessions.

Here is what a client wrote in January 2010:
‘A journey with Zensho promises an awakening to one’s Divine Self beyond old patterns and limited mind.”

Zensho skillfully facilitates an unraveling of ego. With grace and ease, there is awareness as to the root causes of emotional/mental trauma held within the physical body. Powerful yet subtle exercises bring the client to a place of wholeness beyond the need for such attachments.

Zensho’s groundbreaking work is a personal gift for all who are open to it. If you are ready to step into the presence of who you truly are, then this work is for YOU!

Speaker Session:

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