Raffle Tickets

Welcome to our Virtual World Yoga and Meditation Conference, and thank you for being a part of this first-of-its-kind event! As an attendee, you have a ticket automatically entered into our raffle. We’ve gathered some great prizes totaling over $2,500 to give away to lucky winners like you!

Want to increase your odds of winning? You can! Here are 10 ways to get extra raffle tickets into the drawings, increasing the chance to see one of those prizes in your mailbox. Contest winners will be picked throughout the live portion of the conference in addition to the two weeks to follow it. And remember, the more you play, the more you win!

Increase Your Chances to Win

1: Purchase any item at ShopYogaHub.com


A sure-fire way to increase your chances would be to pickup any of our continuing education and materials offered by our speakers through the online store. All purchases until February 28th will qualify.



2: Photo Contest


Show us how you participated in the event (in your PJ’s, with a group of friends, at a yoga studio, etc.) Simply post a photo to your MyYogaHub.com profile and put the phrase “Virtual Conference” in your title, description or tag.



3: Friend us on Facebook


Become our friend on Facebook, and a Fan of YogaHub. Post the name of a session you attended to the wall of our friend page or our Fan page.



4: Follow us on Twitter


Follow @YogaHub on Twitter and send out some tweets each time you attend a session, be sure to include either @YogaHub or #YHVC so we can track your tweets and get you more raffle tickets to win.



5: Share Feedback with Us


Fill out our online Feedback Form. Give us the good, the bad, and the ugly — we want to continually improve your virtual experience for next years conference.



6: Ask a Question and Participate


You can either dial into the conference line and press *2 to raise your hand and ask the speaker your direct question, or from within the classroom page, type your question into the Q/A box and we’ll ask the speaker for you.


* This is only available during the LIVE portion of the conference.

7: Interact with Speakers in our Community Forum


Go to our Forum and either post what you learned from our conference or continue the dialogue with one of your favorite speakers by asking them follow up questions.



8: Start a Blog / Write a Blog Post


On your MyYogaHub blog in the community, write about who your favorite speaker was and why (don’t have a blog yet, no problem, start one today.)



9: Share Your Story


Post a comment to us and share your story about how you came to be interested in what our conference has to offer on our blog.



10: Audio Testimonial


Leave us an “Audio Testimonial” and share 1 thing you liked most about your experience at the conference. Simply call and leave a voicemail at this number.


Voicemail Box: 215-I-DO-YOGA (215-436-9642)

Simply state your name, the city you live in, and a few kind words. See examples below:


Padme in Australia


Paula in New Zealand

Don’t be shy, and remember you can multiply your chances to win through action and continued participation. We look forward to seeing you online.

Christina Souza Ma
YogaHub Founder

PS. And remember, prizes will be drawn nearly everyday for the next few weeks so you will have plenty of opportunities to increase your chances — because we truly want to send you some of these incredible door prizes. Just take a look at them here.

PPS. And if you want to sample some of these wonderful products, you can actually listen to many of them from within our Movement and Meditation area.

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