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P.S. – If you’re still not convinced this is an insanely great opportunity to continue your online learning through these life-changing sessions and workshops, perhaps you should start by reviewing some of the topics covered below…

        Simply browse through the 4 session categores here:

Vandita Kate Marchesiello
Yoga as a Strategy for Addressing Symptoms of Fibromyalgia
Michael Lee
Yoga for Emotional Health and Resiliency
Julie Lusk
Relax Deeply with Yoga Nidra: Take
a 3-hour Nap in 30 Minutes
Jennifer Reis
Yoga Nidra: Guided Relaxation for Deep Peace and Healing
Elissa Cobb
Integration: The Phoenix Rising Approach to Applying Yoga
Nischala Joy Devi
The Secret Power of Yoga Sutras
Neil Pearson
Chronic Pain, Modern Science and Therapeutic Yoga
Rudy Peirce
Breathing Vitality
Hillary Rubin
Transformational Yoga for 2010
Rosemary Todd Clough
Ways to Support Children through Yoga & Creative Movement
Chaya Li Sharon
Yoga of Action: Holistic Lifestyle and Adaptive Yoga
Jill and Dan Johnson
Laughter Yoga!

Nischala Joy Devi
The Healing Path of Yoga

Chaya~Sharon Heller
Ayurveda’s Adaptive Yoga

Karen O’Donnell Clarke
Fun with Chair Sun Salutation

Kat Robinson

Creative Sequencing

Sandy Bothmer
Moving from Within

Sandy Bothmer
Shake, Rattle and Move

Megan McDonough
A Minute for Me: Learning to Savor 60 Seconds
Amy Weintraub
Meditations for
Mood Management
Soleil Hepner
Unplug to Plug In – Over-coming Technology Overload
Kenneth N. Klee
Intro to Tree of Life
& Overview of Its Healing
E Reenah McGill
Healthy Eating for Your Element
Bhavani Lorraine Nelson
Mantra Meditation: Doctors Are Recommending It
John Sovec
What’s Stopping You?
Hosted by John Sovec
AIDS Awareness – Life Group LA Round Table
Allen Schoen
How the Human Animal Bond can help Awaken Consciousness
Anatara Buckley
Intuition, The Inner Tutor
Norma T. Hollis
Authentic Wellness = Joy
Jonathan Foust
Unlocking the Myths of Meditation
Dr. Enrico Melson
I-AM the Journey
Kay Snow-Davis
Point of Power: A Relationship With Your Soul
Dr. Kenny Handelman
Alternative Treatments for ADD/ADHD
Felicia Marie Tomasko
Ayurvedic Rejuvenation for Daily Life
Glenn D. Wollman
Preparatory Medicine, A Life Balance Program
Glenn D. Wollman
Sleep Suite
Dr. Mikio Sankey
Support the Mountain Nutrition and
Esoteric Acupuncture
K’haya Sellam
Breathe and Open Your Heart, Kunlun Nei Gung
Sharan Ro
From the heart, wisdom and spirit of Aloha…the breath of life
Dr. Kathleen A. Sankey, OMD, LAc
Clear Mind Meditation
Elan O’Brien
Honoring your Soul
& Truth in the New Millinium
Shantha Sri
‘Sonic Tonic’ – Finding Resonance in Your Practice







Cherie Sohnen-Moe
Build Lasting Client Relationships: Cornerstone of a Successful Practice
Kelly Watson
Copywriting From The Heart
Jane Foody
How to Guide Others & Yourself Into
Deep Relaxation
Kris Ward
Real Truth on Designing Your Lifestyle
Megan McDonough
How to Lead Powerful Workshops with
Lasting Impact
Sara M. Meeks
SAFE Yoga for Better Bones
Suzanne Monroe
Supporting Your
Clients on Journey to Better Health
Neil Pearson
Understanding Pain and Chronic Pain
Chaya Li Sharon
The Wisdom of Daily Living
for Yoga Teachers & Practitioners
Kenneth N. Klee
Intro to Energetic Health for Wellness Practitioners
Glenn D. Wollman
Combinatorial Medicine: A Medical Guide’s Perspective
John Sovec
Marketing U!
Hargopal Kaur Khalsa
Healing Relationships Through Family Constellations
Nancy Anderson Dolan BA Psych
Yoga for Addictive Eating
Beverly Driver
Food Therapy for Revitalizing Body During& After Cancer Treatment

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There’s no on-going commitments, simply register, enjoy as much as you like for the first 30 days and if it’s not suited to your learning style, you can cancel at any time.

Is there a way to pay for my membership annually?

Not at this time. Unfortunately for now, we only have the one month-to-month payment option, however if we get enough requests for annual payment we may consider adding this at a later date.