Enrico Melson


Categorie(s): Health and Wellness,

When: Friday, December 3, 2021

Time: 6:45 to 7:45 am PST

Our entire Multiverse exists as Streams of Consciousness, proceeding from the Primordial Linguistic: “I~AM”. This is what can be called the Brahman, the Infinite Field, the Void, the Allness, the Source. “I~AM THAT I~AM” is the first tier, or Resonant Field, of Self-Awareness—which We can call The Divine, or God, or Creator. ‘I~AM THAT I~AM, AND LET THERE BE!” is the Primordial Impulse that seeds all Manifest Reality, the “Big Bang”, Evolution, Creation, Infinite Diversity, Matter + Energy, and even Spirit Beings. “AND LET THERE BE —LIGHT!” is the Primordial Intent—what We can call ‘The Prime Directive’—of all that Exists to attain and sustain Self-Awareness (the ‘local-tier’ of “I~Am That I~Am” Consciousness).

We examine these fundamental Linguistic Constructs within the context of Our everyday struggles with understanding ‘Who I Am, and Why I Am”. Not being Clear on the Truths of Our Identity and of Our Purpose is what creates the Experience of Suffering in Our Lives. Therefore, the Journey of Healing is also a Journey of Reconnection with The Truth of Identity and Purpose.

Dr. Melson takes Us on a brief Journey into the I~AM Systems of “INTEGRAL AWARENESS MASTERY + INTEGRAL AWARENESS MEDICA + INTENTION AWARENESS MATRIX”. These systems are extremely powerful for guiding Us on the Path of Awakening, of Healing, of Transformation, and of Service to Our Ecosystem.

Speaker Bio: ENRICO MELSON, MD, DNM(H), MPH, FACPM, DAAPM, ABIHM, MHT, MBEP, KSJ – For 27 years, EnRico has lectured and advocated worldwide for Mind-Body and Integrative Medicine, for Integral Awareness Mastery (I-AM TM), and Awareness Systems Providing Energetic Core Transformation (ASPECT). Read full bio »