Julie Lusk

Cultivate the Positive: Get Clear and Be Calm

Categorie(s): Yoga,

When: Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Time: 6:45 to 7:45 am PST

Join in and learn three proven yoga techniques to help you set a worthwhile intention that will enable you to overcome frustrations, anxiety and fatigue.

First, you’ll learn a yoga meditation technique from the Yoga Sutras called Pratipaksha Bhavana, which teaches us to exchange negative thoughts and feelings for positive ones. This nurtures our capacity to react constructively and mindfully in a level-headed and calm manner to people and situations, therefore becoming less likely to react automatically and negatively. This technique helps us develop qualities like courage, kindness, patience and health improvement. In doing so, it enables us to enjoy better relationships, benefit from clear thinking, and have the ability to make positive behavior changes. Next, we’ll practice a yoga posture that is bound to bring your intention to life. Finally, we’ll use a powerful relaxation technique known as Yoga Nidra. Not only is this technique deeply restorative, but it also seals your intention in so that it will take root and bloom.

Speaker Bio: Julie Lusk, M.Ed., RYT E500, is president of Wholesome Resources. She focuses on opening, balancing and strengthening the body/mind/spirit connection through yoga, meditation, therapeutic relaxation and guided imagery. Read full bio »