Laura Cornell

Green Yoga: Harnessing the Ancient Roots of Yoga to Address

Categorie(s): Yoga,

When: Sunday, August 14, 2022

Time: 6:45 to 7:45 am PST

Contemporary Eco-Crisis and Transition

As climate change activist Bill McKibben has said, last year was a hard year for the earth. A massive oil spill in the Gulf, record high temperatures in Asia, and record ice cap melting added to the long list of challenges already facing our planet. The urgency of today’s ecological crises require profound reflection, transformation, and action. Yoga helps us to respond to these crises with courage and love, rather than anger and fear.

In many ways, Yoga was the first eco-philosophy. Vedic teachings emphasized the interdependence of humans with the cosmos. They stressed the necessity of maintaining cosmic order (read “ecological balance”) through humility, restraint, and sacrifice. Tremendous reverence was given to rivers, trees, mountains, and to the body of the earth itself.

This workshop will discuss how to apply the ancient roots of Yoga to today’s ecological crises. You will learn Yogic wisdom for facing fears about the environment, acting from a place of love, and preventing burn-out. You will hear inspiring stories of Yoga practitioners and studios who are applying these principles in their own lives. Finally, an experiential portion of the session will guide you in exploring one ecological concern you have, gaining new peace, strength, and clarity.”

Speaker Bio: Laura Cornell, PhD, is an experienced, empathic yoga scholar and workshop leader who empowers women to connect with their bodies and the wisdom of their hearts so they can heal themselves and the earth. She offers yoga with intelligence and compassion, bringing the power of the feminine to yoga. Read full bio »