Paul Fowler

Therapeutic Self Massage!

Categorie(s): Yoga,

When: Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Time: 6:45 to 7:45 am PST

A profound reduction in muscular tension is only a few breaths away! No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can use the principles of self-massage to help your muscles soften and let go. Learning to do it is easy and free. Aside from a few simple props you can find around the house, the only requirement is for you to slow down, breathe and let go.

If you do yoga, this is a fantastic practice because it can penetrate areas of the body that are difficult to reach in your yoga practice. For instance, if you place a tennis ball on the ground and lay your upper back over it, you might find some very tight or sore spots. Perhaps you didn’t even know how tight or sore they are. Perhaps there is a trigger point where pain refers to other parts of your body. Breathing and relaxing into these areas of exquisite tenderness, we not only teach muscles to let go of long held holding patterns, we also have the potential to release emotions we may be holding with the contracted muscle.

This workshop will be less talking and more doing. We will focus on using various household items to use as massage tools. We will spend time in supine, prone and side-lying positions to access difficult to reach parts of the body. We will enjoy the beautiful feeling of muscles and fascia releasing while we give up our need to control. We will feel the exhilaration that comes when energy is released from areas of tension and makes it way out of the body.

Speaker Bio: Paul Fowler was named the “Best Thai Massage Therapist in Chicago” by Chicago magazine in 2005. Featured in Time Out Chicago, Fox News, WGN morning news, and public television, he is a 2001 graduate of the Chicago School of Massage Therapy. Read full bio »