Sandy Bothmer

Peaceable Kids

Categorie(s): Health and Wellness,

When: Thursday, December 2, 2021

Time: 6:45 to 7:45 am PST

How can we create peaceable kids? Adults who are charged with the care of children often ponder this question. How can I get Zach to be more relaxed? What can I do to help Emma focus better? How can I shift the 2:00 slump? This session is for all those who are charged with the care of children I.e. teachers, counselors, day care workers, parents and others who are seeking the answers to such questions. Sandy Bothmer, M.Ed. will engage you in a variety of exercises and activities outlined in her newly expanded revision of her book, Creating the Peaceable Classroom, that will help you help the children in your care manifest an inner climate of calm and vitality improving their focus, concentration, and daily living.

Creating an inner climate of calm and vitality requires both relaxing and energizing techniques. We’ll work with a couple simple breathing techniques that can be used by older children and one for younger children.

We’ll spend some time waking up our bodies and playing with some movement activities that will include some qigong exercises.

Exploration of a spiral or labyrinth will bring us to a quiet close.

Having sampled these techniques, you will have a sense of which ones you connect with. Work with them yourself for awhile and then introduce them to the children in your care. You’ll be on your way to creating more peaceable kids and a more peaceable you.

Speaker Bio: If Sandy’s career path could be depicted in a drawing, it would be a tree. Its roots are deeply planted in education, and its limbs grow upward and outward into the field of energy medicine and healing. Sandy has 20 years’ teaching experience at the elementary school level, Read full bio »