Shantha Sri

Using Nada Yoga Techniques in our Yoga and Meditation Practice

Categorie(s): Meditation, Yoga,

When: Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Time: 6:45 to 7:45 am PST

The objective of Shantha’s presentation is for us to learn to breathe, move, stretch, and meditate mindfully and intentionally, using key sound and music cues as an important tool for concentration, and to take that mindful intention into every moment of our life – to be able to stay in that mindful moment happily by using Nada Yoga techniques to recall this state of being throughout our day.

Shantha will share some of his thoughts about using music and sound in our yoga and meditation practice and finding what sounds may be helpful in achieving health and wellbeing, as well as balancing and managing our whole energy system through resonant toning of our subtle energy centers. By using tonal frequencies, we can achieve higher states of concentration, and therefore Samadhi.

As yoga practitioners we know that we need to find focus and bring energy into our yoga practice. It is important to do this, and sound is a good tool to use to help us achieve this goal. While employing a sound – something that resonates within us – we can use this to hone our practice, to help work the muscle, joint or limb that needs working. It’s like having the sound helping to stretch the muscles, work the joints, and exercise the mind. Nada Yoga can be used in conjunction with Chakra balancing practice. It is the tuning system for our mind and body and can align us with our spiritual calling. To achieve this effectively, we need to learn how to listen to sound and to direct our attention to specific sounds or music parts that bring something to us – that resonate deeply within us.

Speaker Bio: Shantha, whose music label is Energi Music, creates music soundscapes for yoga, meditation, chakra balancing, relaxation, and spiritual focusing, and also some guided visualization programs. Read full bio »