Colette Ryder

Virtual Drumming and Sound Meditation

Categorie(s): Meditation, Wellness Professionals,

When: Saturday, February 11, 2012

Time: 5:15 to 6:15 pm PST

”Drumming with All of You in a Virtual Drum Circle”

Drumming increases Alpha brainwaves, those brainwaves that are associated with feelings of well-being and euphoria. The result is a relaxed nervous system. Drumming is ideal for managing stress and accelerating learning. The sensation is of space being created. In this space lies the intelligence that is beyond thinking. It is potentially an effortless place to harness creative ideas and to embrace silence. It feels easier to listen when there is less mind chatter. When thinking ceases, all the problems that the mind has created disappears. Drumming is fun and inclusive, and anybody of any age group or ability can participate.

In this Virtual Interactive Drum Circle we will;

  • Create Group Rhythmic Patterns
  • Learn Call and Response
  • Learn drum Songs (e.g.“I love Peanut Butter, I love Jam”)
  • Practice Free Improvised Drumming
  • Chant

For this session, you will require a drum. Large water bottles, garbage cans, table tops, pots, storage containers – all these make fabulous drums!!

Sound Meditation:
In this group sound work session, you will receive cellular activations through sound vibrations. These sounds are intuited based on the needs of the group. The sound vibrations cause the cells to begin transforming away from the egoic structure and in service to the higher levels of consciousness. In other words, your body will begin to respond to the clarity that it receives from you as you connect with your own innate abilities. You will direct your own body to serve you. The precise information that you are ready to receive will be available to you.

Speaker Bio: As a natural musician and intuitive, Colette brings her passion for music and play to her work with women, children and families. In her private Life Coaching and Sound Work practice, Colette draws from a deep well of compassion and holds loving, transformative Read full bio »