David Cumes

South African Healing Wisdom & What It Has to Offer the West

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When: Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Time: 9:15 to 10:15 am PST

African Healing Wisdom
How it works and what does it have to offer the West…

To most Westerners, indigenous African healing techniques are at best puzzling and at worst smack of sorcery. The West is replete with technological wonders and our communication network is astonishing. Yet ancient African wisdom has a lot to teach us about communication. There is a realm of spirit but there is also a veil that must be penetrated if we wish to communicate with this potential source of guidance. Most Westerners do not have the techniques to pierce the veil; sangomas do. There is primal knowledge in Africa that can teach us how to contact information from the “Field.” The information is not localized in space and time and can be very useful to help us on life’s journey.

Sangomas are the healers, priests and prophets of the Bantu peoples of Southern Africa. They work with diagnostic and therapeutic methods just as we do in the West. Diagnosis is made either through the medium of spirit possession, the divining bones, or through the dream-time.
In the case of spirit possession (trance-channeling in the West) the guiding spirit possesses the body of the healer and imparts the information directly through the sangoma, sometimes even talking in “tongues.” It is the sound of the drum that calls the spirit into attendance and the word sangoma comes from the Zulu word for a drum.

The divining bones are manipulated by the energy field of an attending spirit so that when they fall they can be read in an intelligible fashion. The diviner is the messenger for the voice imparted by the spirit world. In both cases, the diagnostic information is not localized in space and time. The bones can talk to the present, past or future and the spirit can tell the patient what is happening to a loved one far away. The bones are the psycho-spiritual C.T. scan of the sangoma, which can diagnose “dis-ease” related to intrusions, pollution and sorcery.

Powerful therapeutic rituals, often with the help of plant medicines, are made on behalf of the patient to invoke the necessary healing from the spirit world.

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