Kay Snow-Davis

Point of Power: A Relationship With Your Soul – Part 1


When: Thursday, February 9, 2012

Time: 12:00 to 1:00 pm PST

Point of Power: A relationship with your soul deepens the love in all of your relationships. Change your perception of yourself – and all relating transformations in your life. All life is relating. And the key ingredient in relating is listening – first to yourself and then to others. Are you a ROOT? TRUNK? BRANCH? Or LEAF? Using a simple model based on the metaphor of the tree, Kay will support you as you learn to recognize the naturalness that you are born with, in this way enabling you to increase your awareness of your innate creativity.

Each person will have the opportunity to recognize their point of power and learn how they co-create in life. From there, they will learn how to recognize and communicate with others from their natural rhythm in life. By learning how to receive life and understand how others may differ from us, we can bridge that gap in a respectful and caring way. This model is for everyone, including children, who love to play with this concept.

When you recognize qualities that may have been “labeled” liabilities in your life but are actually assets, you will have the ability to change your perception and recognize your gifts, talents, and skills, which in turn will release you from self-judgment, internal criticism, and self-doubt. As you set yourself free and change the way you “see” yourself, an amazing thing happens – your world no longer looks or feels the same. You will actually be able to experience all of your relationships through this new window of awareness with gratitude and appreciation for your uniqueness as well as another’s.

Once you “remember” how you are created to receive and express in life, you can use this model to increase the quality of all of your relationships with your parents, partners – personal or business – children, community, or corporations. And you can have fun doing it – so enjoy!!!

Speaker Bio: Kay Snow-Davis is an expert in the field of Soul Purpose Living, with over 40 years as an international consultant, using Soul Purpose Astrology as one of her tools. She is a Master Mentor who uses models from her books and CDs to provide intuitive and powerful insights Read full bio »