Neil Pearson

How Much Pain is Okay in Yoga Practice – Part 2

Categorie(s): Yoga,

When: Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Time: 9:15 to 10:15 am PST

Many seek out yoga as a way to decrease pain from an injury, while others practice yoga to attain a better quality of life in the face of a chronic pain condition. Yet most do not have a clear idea of how much pain there should be during a yoga practice.

The problem is that we do not have a clear understanding of pain. Most of us have not had the opportunity to analyze what we think about pain. When we do this, not only do we recognize that our beliefs about pain are out of sync with our beliefs about life and yoga, but we gain awareness that the way we think about pain can be a problem all by itself.

Pain impacts every aspect of our existence, so changing the way we think about the pain we experience during yoga practice is usually not enough. When we understand pain better, and have the chance to consider it from a different perspective, then we can more easily answer the question posed in the title of this session.

Speaker Bio: Neil Pearson is a yoga therapist, physical therapist and Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC. He provides therapy exclusively for people with complex pain problems. Neil shares his knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pain and pathophysiology through Read full bio »