Sharan Ro

Next Era Living: The World of And

Categorie(s): Health and Wellness,

When: Saturday, February 11, 2012

Time: 6:45 to 7:45 am PST

The next era of your life is more than just another continued chapter in your life. It is a beginning, a new distinctive period in your life, marked by a distinctive context and paradigm of thinking. Next era living provides deeper, fuller life meaning and expression on a personal and collective level. It is dynamically inspired and expansive living that is simpler and more joyful. Next era living makes way for a new dream and a new path in our lives and in our world.

We will visit “The World of And”, a place and way of life filled with joy, discovery and possibilities, embracing full choices. It is not about either/or. It is about this and that, a full spectrum and range of conscious choices that embrace greater magnitude. It is abundant in essence and mindful in form. It impacts our personal and world history.

We can change the way the positive story of our future is to be written. Our woven collective stories shared from our breath of life will contribute to the new story in the world. It can bring you a life you love that begins within you peacefully, shared generously externally.

Like yoga, it begins within, from one breath, one moment, one choice at a time.

Come join us as we share living our best lives, contributing to our best world.

Speaker Bio: For over 25 years, Sharan’s love has been creating pioneering cultures and paradigms using heartfelt new models to make lasting changes in Businesses, Associations, Organizations, Education, Government, Communities and individuals. Read full bio »