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Simple “How-To” and “Who’s Who” Introduction to Sanskrit Mantra

So you’ve discovered chanting and are enjoying it. Perhaps you’ve even practiced a mantra or two. But do you really know whom you’re chanting to? Do you know your Gayatri from your Ganesha, or do Krishna and Vishnu still sound … More

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The Power of Mantra

Using mantra goes beyond the simple beneficial reason of stilling the busy mind. Mantra creates an anchor in the very depth of one’s soul but, more importantly, it gives the practitioner the opportunity to fall back into the natural flow … More

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Practicing Forgiveness

Even as good people, doing good things in the world, we can still get stuck holding on to pain, sorrow, guilt and feelings of regret. The flow of prana is disrupted and the healing of mind, body and spirit is … More

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