Closing Integration

Welcome to the space for your closing integrations. We invite you to experience 5 of our wonderful speakers as they each share their personal style of supporting us to complete our day of learning.

Soleil Hepner – Closing Integration the PRYT Way


Elissa Cobb – Closing Integration for the Mind


Julie Dittmar – Closing Integration for the Heart


Megan McDonough – Closing Integration for Your Body


Bhavani Lorraine Nelson – Closing Integration for the Soul

Please leave your feedback and comments below and share with us some of your highlights and experiences from the conference. We love hearing from you and so does the rest of the YH Community.

One Response to Closing Integration

  1. Bhavani, you are an angel! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing and loving voice with the world and we are so grateful to you for chanting. I had a wonderful time listening to your session and I look forward to re-listening to it a few more times until I can commit some of those tips to memory. Wow! 40 days eh? I’m gonna have to make the commitment and see if I can pull it off. Thank you again and many blessings.

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