2011 Virtual Conference

Laughter Yoga: Laugh for the Health of It

Point of Power: A Relationship With Your Soul – Part 1

Point of Power: A Relationship With Your Soul – Part 2

The Phoenix Rising Approach to Applying Yoga to Daily Life

Conference Kick-Off

Pranayam: A Breath to Rejuvenate, Meditate and Live

Turning Your Website Into a Platform for Success

Dreamwork and Your Body – Part 2

Freud Gets off the Couch and Onto the Mat – Part 2

Effortless Freedom

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

Anusara, Flowing with the Cosmic Dance

Online Strategies in 3 Simple Steps

2013 Virtual Conference

2012 Virtual Conference

The Science and Art of Healing

R.I.P : Rest in Peace

South African Healing Wisdom & What It Has to Offer the West

Dreamwork and Your Body – Part 1

Shake, Rattle and Move

Freud Gets off the Couch and Onto the Mat – Part 1

Moving from Within

Creative Sequencing

The Art of Letting Go

Next Era Living: The World of And

Love the Emotions You Hate!

Ayurvedic Wellness Practices for Mindfulness

Simple “How-To” and “Who’s Who” Introduction to Sanskrit Mantra

Shaktipat Meditation

Zero Balancing for Vibrant Health

Uncovering Natural Health Secrets: What Works and What Doesn’t

A Minute for Me

Health + Wealth = Happiness

Pilates and Movement Therapy – Getting to the Core

Fun with Chair Sun Salutation

Virtual Drumming and Sound Meditation

Soothing the Spirit: Yoga for Anxious Mind

Increasing Prana – Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis

Grief in the Tissues: Trauma Recovery from a Yoga Perspective

Being Meditation

Unstuck & Out of Pain: PRYT Approach to Mind Body Connection

3-Step Blueprint to a Successful & Thriving Wellness Business

Grassroots Marketing to Increase Revenue & Attract More Clients

Using Intuition in this Dynamic and Passionate Time of Change

Eating Organically on a Budget

Ayurvedic Perceptions of Yogic Lifestyle

Ayurveda’s Adaptive Yoga

The Top Ten Steps to Innovative Marketing

How to Relax Your Mind & Body Into Tranquility